Cake flavours can bring back special memories of times shared with loved ones. Let us help to create those special memories for your celebration. Select from one of our signature combinations below, or we are happy to recreate your favourite cakes and flavours. All cakes are covered with swiss meringue buttercream or american buttercream.



Dark Chocolate Mud

Rich Dark Chocolate Mud Cake filled with raspberry coulis / or salted caramel sauce / or chocolate ganache

White Chocolate Mud

Creamy White Chocolate Mud Cake filled with raspberry coulis / or white chocolate ganache

Caramel Mud

Caramel Mud Cake filled with salted caramel sauce & macadamias

Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Fudge Cake filled with snickers style filling - peanuts, chocolate and caramel

Red Velvet 

Fluffy and Light Red Velvet Cake filled with cream cheese filling / or raspberry coulis 

Chocolate Velvet

Chocolate Velvet Cake filled with chocolate ganache / or any of our classic buttercream flavours such as salted caramel, raspberry, nutella, snickers, cookies & cream, peppermint or honey comb

Vanilla Velvet

Soft and Fluffy Vanilla Velvet Cake filled with zesty lemon curd / or passionfruit drizzle / or raspberry coulis

Black Forrest

Decadent layers of chocolate cake, cherries, liqueur syrup , cherry coulis and vanilla buttercream

Apple and Spice

Lightly Spiced Fragrant Apple Cake filled with sweet apple butter pieces

Chai Spiced Pear

Warmly Spiced Pear Cake filled with fragrant chai spiced pear pieces

Light Lemon

Soft and Fluffy Light Lemon Cake filled with lemon curd / or raspberry coulis / or fresh blueberries & buttercream

Carrot and Pecan

Spiced Carrot, Sultana and Pecan Cake filled with tangy cream cheese filling

Caramelised Banana

Caramelised Fragrant Banana Cake filled with vanilla buttercream and toasted almonds

Tropical Orange Cream

Moist Orange and Coconut Cake filled with tangy orange cream filling

Coconut Cream

Moist Coconut Cake filled with white chocolate ganache / or coconut milk buttercream



Fluffy Funfetti Cake filled with whipped strawberry ganache / or strawberry buttercream filling

Rainbow Swirl/ Rainbow Layer

Rainbow Coloured Vanilla Cake filled with white chocolate ganache / or vanilla bean buttercream

Ultimate Vegan Chocolate

Moist Ultimate Vegan Chocolate Cake filled with vegan vanilla bean buttercream

Vegan Vanilla Bean or Lemon

Light and fluffy Vegan Vanilla Bean or Lemon Cake filled with vegan lemon curd / or vegan passion fruit curd / or any fruit filling / or any flavour in vegan buttercream

Traditional Fruit

Family Heirloom Recipes of either a Lightly Spiced Light Fruit Cake / or a Dark and Fruity Richly Spiced Fruit Cake



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