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The Baker

Hi! I'm Allanah, the creator, baker and owner of Cherry Tree Cakes.  

Baking has always been a part of my family's traditions, with recipes passed down through the generations. I began helping Mum in the kitchen from a young age, making sugar flowers for relatives birthday cakes and baking gingerbread men every Christmas. My Mum always handmade our birthday cakes growing up, most of them with difficult fondant designs but she was always determined to make them perfect for us - which I'm sure is where I get my perfectionism from for my cakes now. Everyone always says that I get my artistic skills and determination from her and it's definitely true!

As I grew older I developed sleeping issues and through the end of high school this turned into full blown insomnia. Trying the keep myself occupied I began baking cakes every night to the displeasure of my sleeping family. They enjoyed waking up to a homemade cake at first but grew more of a distaste by the 5th cake in one week and told me to slow down a bit. In the next year I began testing recipes and growing my skills.


All I needed now to start the business officially was to decide on a name. My mind immediately went to one of my favourite children's books when I was younger - "The Witch in the Cherry Tree" by Margaret Mahy, about a witch sitting in the backyard tree of a little boy's house and trying to trick him into giving her his freshly baked cupcakes.  And so "Cherry Tree Cakes" was born!

I've been running the business now since 2017, operating from my licensed home kitchen, and every year Cherry Tree Cakes keeps getting bigger and better! In 2020 I finally reached the point where I was able to make the business my full time job and I have never been happier.

 Thank you to all of our customers for supporting Cherry Tree Cakes and allowing me to live my dream job!

In the future I am hoping the business will continue to grow and we can keep helping more and more people to celebrate their special occasions with our delicious and beautiful cakes. My long term goal is to one day open a shop front where people can come inside and sit down to enjoy our cakes with a tea or coffee. 

Thank you all so much,

Allanah xxx

The Business
Welcome to Cherry Tree Cakes, the home of beautiful buttercream cakes handcrafted in Ballarat for Weddings, Parties, and all special celebrations.
Allanah began her business in 2017, at the age of 19, selling cupcakes to cafes and markets in Ballarat. Recipes focused on natural flavours and homemade curds and sauces, to create the best tasting cakes, fillings, and buttercreams. The business quickly grew with customers asking for larger cakes in the same beautiful flavours. 
Now the focus turned towards creative designs, topped with florals, chocolate decorations, macarons, meringues, and gold leaf.
Self taught, Allanah now prides herself on the finest, flawless finish of her wedding and custom cakes. She also enjoys creating her own arrangement of florals, sourced from local florists.  
With many returning customers and new creative designs leaving our cake studio every week, we thank everyone of our customers for making us a part of your special celebrations!
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