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Custom Floral Design

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Our Classic Range

Lemon Cream

Vanilla velvet cake with

lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream

Strawberry Cream

Vanilla velvet cake with strawberry filling and strawberry buttercream

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Vanilla velvet cake with

white chocolate filling and raspberry buttercream

Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake with

cream cheese buttercream

Nutella Chocolate

Chocolate velvet cake with Nutella buttercream topped with chocolate drizzle and maltesers

Peppermint Chocolate

Chocolate velvet cake with

peppermint buttercream topped with chocolate drizzle and maltesers

Cookies & Cream

Chocolate velvet cake with vanilla buttercream topped with oreo cookies

Honeycomb  Crunch

Chocolate velvet cake with honeycomb buttercream topped with violet crumble


Chocolate velvet cake with

chocolate buttercream topped with m&ms 

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